Statement of Limitations

All and any Services proposed by Work Science to the Client are subject to the Terms and Conditions provided. No variation to these terms is agreed unless agreed in writing by Work Science.

The Services were carried out in accordance with the current and relevant industry standards of testing, interpretation and analysis. The Services were carried out in accordance with Commonwealth, State, Territory or Government legislation, regulations and/or guidelines. The Client will be deemed to have accepted these Terms when the Client provides approval to proceed or when the Company commences the Services at the request of the Client.

The Services were carried out for the Specific Purpose outlined in the Proposal. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Work Science, its related bodies corporate, its officers, consultants, employees and agents assume no liability, and will not be liable to any person, or in relation to, any losses, damages, costs or expenses, and whether arising in contract, tort including negligence, under statute, in equity or otherwise, arising out of, or in connection with, any matter outside the Specific Purpose.

The Client acknowledged and agreed that investigations were reliant on information provided to Work Science by the Client or other third parties. Work Science made no representation or warranty regarding advice based on information supplied to it by the Client, its employees or other third parties during provision of the Services. Under no circumstances shall Work Science have any liability for, or in relation to, any information/documentation supplied or prepared by any third party, including any third party recommended by Work Science. The Client releases and indemnifies Work Science from and against all Claims arising from errors, omissions or inaccuracies in documents or other information provided to Work Science by the Client, its employees or other third parties.

The Report is provided for the exclusive use of the Client and for this Project only, in accordance with the Scope and Specific Purposes outlined in the Agreement, and only those third parties who have been authorized in writing by Work Science. It should not be used for other purposes, other projects or by a third party unless otherwise agreed and authorized in writing by Work Science. Any person relying upon this Report beyond its exclusive use and Specific Purpose, and without the express written consent of Work Science, does so entirely at their own risk and without recourse to Work Science for any loss, liability or damage. To the extent permitted by law, Work Science assumes no responsibility for any loss, liability, damage, costs or expenses arising from interpretations or conclusions made by others, or use of the Report by a third party. Except as specifically agreed by Work Science in writing, it does not authorize the use of this Report by any third party. It is the responsibility of third parties to independently make inquiries or seek advice in relation to their particular requirements and proposed use of the site.

The conclusions, or data referred to in this Report, should not be used as part of a specification for a project without review and written agreement by Work Science. This Report has been written as advice and opinion, rather than with the purpose of specifying instructions for design or redevelopment. Work Science does not purport to recommend or induce a decision to make (or not make) any purchase, disposal, investment, divestment, financial commitment or otherwise in relation to the site it investigated.

This Report should be read in whole and should not be copied in part or altered. The Report as a whole set outs the findings of the investigations. No responsibility is accepted by Work Science for use of parts of the Report in the absence (or out of context) of the balance of the Report.