We have been practicing for over 20 years, formerly as Scott Paine Consulting and now as Work Science. Our history is practicing health, safety, risk management and human resources. Over time, we have established our experience in these disciplines: applying research, developing strategy, showing leadership, good management, thoughtful planning and disciplined implementation. Many of the answers and solutions are out there, we just have to work out the right one to apply at the right time. Similarly, there are rarely single solutions to solve your problems, the so called ‘silver bullet’.  With an objective approach and a clear objective, we have and continue to achieve real results for clients.

Our current capability set is grounded in science and influenced by creativity and design thinking. We don’t sell our clients ‘off the shelf’ products or solutions because we don’t think they work.

Our business objective is your business success. We love seeing our clients succeed in managing risk and compliance, reducing injuries and illness, growing their people’s capability or delivering a winning strategy. Ultimately we like to bring our suite of capabilities and apply them in your organisation for an outcome that is clearly framed, executed and measured.

Our differentiating characteristics include:

Understand business

We understand how to do work in big and small business including governance, influencing, systems, behaviour and culture, change management and communications.  Our consultants have worked in, and for, big and small business for the majority of their careers.

Client Focus

From the outset we focus on your needs.  Making sure our proposals are in line with your expectations and our services are meeting your needs along the way.

We understand the importance of timeliness and communication – this client focus is embedded all the way through the business from the Directors through to consulting staff.


We are a networked business that keeps in touch with a range of clients and professionals to enable us to bring together knowledge, capability and methodologies that are most likely to succeed.  We only work with people that have demonstrable experience delivering quality outcomes for clients.

Consulting and ‘In-house’ experience

We bring a mix of consulting and in-house experience to your business so that when we provide you with assistance, it comes from a place of empathy. We offer value for money with partner level and top tier experience at competitive rates.

Qualified and Professional

We are not just qualified and experienced in WHS but other disciplines that are essential to success including risk, PROSCI Change Management, Lead Auditing, Law, Communications, Human Resources and Operations.


We are professional communicators and recognise that to be successful in WHS you need to be able to connect with all types of people from the board right the way through to the workers on the shop floor.  We are able to adjust our communication style for the audience and cut through the noise to ensure your program is heard.

Partnership and Collaboration – Trusted Advisors

We work closely with your  team, operations and wider business stakeholders to deliver an integrated experience.  We seek to maintain independence whilst bridging the relationship gap between service provider and client.  We look for ways to make our services connect with your business rather than feel like they stand alone.and establish long term partnerships with businesses.