Property Risk & Compliance

For property owners or managers (or persons in control of a workplace or premise) there is a complicated matrix of risk and compliance obligations for ensuring the health and safety of workers and visitors. The modern legislative framework has a performance-based architecture and encourages directors, officers and workers to formulate their own methods for ensuring the health and safety of people.

Work Science has worked with a range of property owners and managers in ensuring compliance and assessing risk across their portfolio. Work Science covers a range of areas:

  • WHS/OHS legislative requirements around confined spaces, working at heights, asbestos and hazardous materials, plant safety, hazardous chemicals and electrical safety
  • Fire and emergency related risks such as essential safety measures, AS3745 compliance and BCA/DDA requirements
  • Contractor Management and monitoring, permit to work processes and procedures
  • Environmental risks associated with legionella/water systems, waste management, indoor air quality and underground petroleum storage systems (UPSS)
  • Risk mitigation and management associated with public liability, slips and trips and traffic risk management

Work Science work with clients to establish key priorities and risk areas and develop a bespoke program aimed at increasing compliance and reducing risk across your property portfolio. We aim to develop long term partnerships with clients and act as an extension of your business that adds value and reduces risk – we are not ‘tick and flick’ auditors.
Work Science has software and technology platforms that can assist organisations with the efficient management of property compliance and risk management. With simple to use functionality and user-friendly dashboard reporting and template creation, Work Science works with you to develop a tailored platform that meets your needs.

We Can

  • Provide advice on implementing measures that comply with the law
  • Conduct a compliance audit or gap analysis
  • Develop policies or procedures that comply with the law and aim to reduce risk
  • Develop compliance programs
  • Conduct due diligence audits for officers
  • Provide software and technology solutions to manage property risk and compliance across your portfolio

We work with

  • Small, medium and large organisations
  • All industries
  • Directors, officers and C-suite executives
  • Property owners
  • Property Managers/Facility Managers
  • Tenants