Leadership, behaviour and human factors

There are plenty of statistics out there that illustrate the role of behaviours in health and safety programs. In conjunction with the physical aspects of workplace health and safety the psychological aspects can be targeted to achieve considerable improvement. How many times have we heard ‘safety is just common sense’. Through our leadership and behavioural programs, we aim to make health and safety part of your workplace’s common sense. It is difficult, if not impossible, to influence someone’s values but through good organisational design and leadership it is possible to influence behaviours in the workplace.

The program will be designed in accordance with your business needs.  It may be that you are looking to achieve a high reliability organisation within your factory and whist you have installed the best equipment, systems and processes, the people need to be taken on their personal health and safety journey.

Similarly, you may be looking to drive continual improvement using a leadership driven health, safety and wellbeing program. We can work with your leaders and influencers (who are not necessarily at the top of an organisation) to build and implement this program and measure the results.

The outcome is organisational dynamics that drive best practice health, safety and wellbeing results.

We Can

  • Identify who your organisational influencers are
  • Facilitate a health and safety values, mantra or golden rules development exercise
  • Develop campaigns and programs that inspire leaders and influencers
  • Develop a leadership behaviours framework
  • Train leaders in the framework
  • Conduct a health and safety leadership self-assessment
  • Conduct a health and safety climate survey
  • Create behavioural and leadership based health and safety programs
  • Coach leaders on safety leadership walks
  • Train people in safety interactions
  • Measure the effectiveness of your programs

We work for:

  • Small, medium and large organisations
  • All industries
  • Government and private sector