Learning, Development and Training

Whether you are looking to establish an organisation committed to contemporary learning and development, or simply looking for a training package, we can assist.

A learning organisation will always be a better place to work as people become more knowledgeable, competent and most importantly, confident.  There is, of course, the legal requirement to provide information, instruction and training to workers. We aim to balance compliance requirements with tangible capability improvements.

To create the best health hand safety outcomes leaders, managers and workers must have the capability to perform. We are focussed on the end game when it comes to training and make sure that before any activity takes place the capability goals are understood and agreed. Even when delivering compliance based programs that arise out of the legislative framework we make sure that the time spent has an outcome rather than just ticking a box.

The outcome is a quality training experience and real improvement in capability.

We can:

  • Develop and deliver inductions
  • Conduct an analysis of your training needs
  • Develop a training plan
  • Develop training programs
  • Develop content for training programs
  • Build web based training packages
  • Deliver training programs
  • Help you build capability
  • Conduct information sessions and webinars
  • Coach, mentor or partner

We work with:

  • Learning and development teams
  • Organisational development teams
  • Human resources professionals
  • Health and safety professionals
  • Operational personnel
  • Web training developers
  • RTOs

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