Wellbeing Programs

We love to work. Those who work are healthier than those who are not.  We spend so much time at work, how can we create an experience that is consistent with the business objectives and optimises worker health and wellbeing?This is the question we like to answer and bring to life with Work Science wellbeing programs.

You may be experiencing the downside effects of poor worker health and wellbeing such as absenteeism, presenteeism, poor engagement, workers’ compensation claims, industrial action or just a large number of issues cropping up on an ongoing basis.

You may be in a best practice position where you are looking for the next strategy to maintain your employer of choice status.

Either way, we can help.

We see the fundamental drivers of worker wellbeing as being closely linked to the organisation’s business and operating model.  Usually a successful business model leads to a greater sense of engagement and wellbeing in and of itself.  It is also a shared responsibility between the worker and the organisation. Unless people want to commit to being well, all the workplace programs in the world won’t achieve the outcomes. Wherever you are though in the business cycle a wellbeing program can bring about great benefits.

The outcome is a well workplace and workers that results in better organisational outcomes.

We Can

  • Conduct a wellbeing assessment and diagnosis
  • Develop a wellbeing strategy and plan
  • Manage wellbeing programs
  • Deliver specific initiatives such as training, events and communications campaigns
  • Measure the effectiveness of wellbeing programs

We work for

  • Small, medium and large organisations
  • All industries
  • Government and private sector