AIHS 2022 Conference: Evolution of Safety Measurement Frameworks

AIHS 2022 Conference: Evolution of Safety Measurement Frameworks

If we replaced management with leadership, would innovation emerge? Imagine what might happen if we applied this idea across a whole industry.

Last week, at the AIHS National Conference, Work Science convened a panel of leaders from academia, industry and government to share their views on safety, health & wellbeing performance frameworks.

Thanks Emma Skulander, Kurt Warren, Sharron O’Neill and Tristan Casey.

During the session our Chief Scientist Dr Tristan Casey reminded us of three things to consider when designing performance frameworks:

  1. Precision
  2. Accuracy
  3. Resolution

Check out his short 3-minute video on the topic:

Industry leadership: Health Infrastructure and Roberts Co

Notably, Health Infrastructure (NSW) is leading a new approach to performance by reducing prescription, providing freedom within a framework, resulting in innovation emerging from companies like Hansen Yuncken and Roberts and Co. This aligns with the literature and findings of work done by Dr Tristan Casey, Associate Professor Sharron O’Neill and the latest research on leadership and innovation.

Check out Health Infrastructure’s collaboration with Roberts and Co on Project 5: A weekend for every worker. Safety and wellbeing outcomes are being monitored through this innovative trial.

Watch the case study here:


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