There are times when the best way to navigate a complex challenge with many stakeholders is proceed is to engage an external, independent and professional facilitator. Independent facilitation precipitates contributions, insight and action from individuals and groups.  We can help you achieve your goal by navigating through our professional facilitation process and ensure you get the right outcome.   We provide our facilitation capability for safety in design workshops, project risk workshops, lessons learnt workshops, value management workshops and corporate planning and strategy forums.

Our facilitators will:

  • Design an experience for participants that is enjoyable and effective
  • Plan the session and communicate the expectations to participants
  • Guide people through scenarios, situation, activities and exercises to meet goals
  • Lead the group to ensure focus, energy levels and contributions are optimum
  • Record the content, comments, actions and decision made during the workshop
  • Develop action plans and work with you to move through the next steps

The outcome is a great participant experience and tangible deliverables.

We Can

  • Work with you to develop workshop and facilitation goals
  • Develop facilitated workshop programs and content
  • Use live polling to determine group sentiment and opinions
  • Develop effective agendas and activities
  • Develop all materials for workshops
  • Scribe/document actions, minutes, contributions during workshops
  • Provide facilities for workshops and group forums
  • Develop workshop facilitation reports

We work for:

  • All industries
  • Special focus 1: Large construction projects
  • Special focus 2: Government programs